Workplace Conflict

Conflict: an active disagreement between people with opposing opinions or interests. 

Workplaces are often a melting pot of diversity, with individuals coming together from different cultural backgrounds, generations, genders and religion. Conflict is inevitable within workplaces, but it does not need to be enduring nor destructive. If conflict is mediated early and managed effectively, negative consequences can be reduced and you may even find it can result in a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Poorly managed conflict can result in absenteeism, ill health, reduced productivity and engagement, employee turnover and a negative impact on the culture of the organisation. In some cases it may even lead to a workers compensation claim, which can be very costly. The longer a conflict is ignored or allowed to continue within a workplace, the greater these impacts are.

Engaging a skilled mediator can be beneficial in reducing the negative impact of “active” conflict, and to ensure the escalation of future conflict can be avoided or managed in the absence of the mediator.

Why choose mediation: 

  • Effective for interpersonal conflict and grievances because it empowers the involved parties  and allows them an opportunity to understand the other’s point of view
  • Facilitates early intervention prior to escalation
  • It is brief and cost-effective
  • It is confidential
  • It does not find fault nor is it punitive
  • Parties are reassured the organisation is taking the matter seriously
  • It can identifying underlying organisational issues
  • Provides a framework/ agreement to utilise should conflict arise in the future

A skilled mediator will:

  • Assess the situation to ensure mediation is appropriate for all parties
  • Facilitate a safe and respectful process
  • Allow all parties to be heard
  • Remain objective
  • Manage power imbalances
  • Facilitate a signed Agreement
  • Provide feedback to management

Headway has experienced mediators who can assist with the management of workplace disputes. The process is voluntary and we ensure a safe and structured process to enable outcomes.

If you think workplace mediation may benefit your organisation, get in touch today or call (08) 9226 4489. 

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