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We’re an innovative psychology and well-being organisation that provides high quality psychological services for individuals, couples, and for claimants in the workers' compensation system. Headway offers other complementary services including dietetic, exercise and sleep interventions to provide a more holistic approach to mental health and well-being. These services are offered for individuals with an accepted workers' compensation claim and for those as part of an Employee Well-being Service (EWS), which is more commonly known as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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The way a person thinks and acts determines how they feel about themselves, the world and the future. We assist clients with their thought processes, behaviours and relationships to mitigate distress and enhance wellbeing. We have a team of experienced Clinical and Counselling Psychologists to help you with a range of different problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma and personality disorders.

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It has been estimated that up to 45% of Australians have problems with getting enough quality sleep. At Headway, we understand the importance of getting a full night's sleep and have a team of experts with special interest in both the physical and psychological contributors to sleep disturbance.

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We are what we eat! The link between diet and mental health is becoming more prevalent with ongoing research. We have Accredited Practising Dietitians who can provide expertise in nutrition, gut health, weight management, gastrointestinal issues, chronic diseases and eating for health.

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We know the benefits of exercise on our overall health and wellbeing but many of us struggle to find the time to make it part of our routine. Headway's Physiotherapist can help you with exercise plans for chronic health problems, injuries, to improve fitness or effectively manage mental health issues.

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Our clinical and counselling psychologists provide treatment for a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, stress, relationship problems and workplace challenges. We encourage referrals from individuals, the general public, general practitioners, psychiatrists and other psychologists.

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Relationship issues are common. When we experience problems in relationships, it can have a profound impact on our mental health. Counselling for relationship challenges can be highly effective. We provide evidence-based counselling services for couples who are having relationship challenges such as interpersonal conflict, communication issues, separation, divorce and infidelity.

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When children and adolescents are experiencing life challenges or mental health issues, it can be highly stressful for parents, guardians and family. Our team provides counselling services for children and adolescents. We have experience working with anxiety, low mood, trauma, low self-esteem, adjustment and relationship issues. Please make an enquiry before booking to ensure we arrange the most suitable support for your child.

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More often referred to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Headway provides counselling and other related services for employees of organisations with whom we have an existing arrangement with. Our team specialise in issues such as (but not limited to) the management of anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationship and workplace problems.

Headway pioneered significant change in this area through the addition of exercise, dietetic and sleep interventions as part of a well-being package for employees and employers.

Headway provides well-being services for several organisations across different industries. We also deliver manager support and coaching services for leaders within these organisations.

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Headway are industry leaders in the provision of psychological services for claimants within the workers’ compensation system or for those suffering psychologically resulting from a motor vehicle accident. We provide specialist holistic services for suitable clients that involve the combination of psychology, exercise and dietetic interventions.

The workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident schemes in Western Australia are complex. Our team has a good understanding of these schemes and we appreciate the importance of working with other involved parties such as insurers, workplace rehabilitation providers, medical professionals and other allied health practitioners.

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