Mental Wellness SOS: First Aid for Psychological Health

Mental Wellness SOS provides proactive mental health education, empowering individuals with the skills to offer psychological first aid during times of distress. Learn to recognise common mental health challenges, provide compassionate support, and access resources for yourself and others in need.

About our Mental Wellness SOS workshop

Our Mental Wellness SOS workshop prioritises proactive mental health education and crisis preparedness so that team members can feel equipped to support themselves and others during times of crisis. Much like traditional first aid addresses physical injuries, our program empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide psychological first aid during times of distress. Through comprehensive training, participants learn to recognise common mental health challenges, offer compassionate support, and access appropriate resources for themselves and others in need.

Our Mental Wellness SOS curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including understanding mental health disorders, recognising warning signs of distress, and practicing active listening and empathy. By equipping individuals with this essential knowledge, we aim to destigmatise mental health, promote early intervention, and build resilient organisations. Participants also learn valuable self-care techniques to safeguard their own mental well-being, ensuring they are better equipped to navigate personal challenges and support others effectively.

Investing in Mental Wellness SOS not only strengthens individuals’ ability to provide immediate support during times of crisis but also fosters a culture of understanding and empathy within organisations. By drawing parallels between physical first aid and mental health first aid, we empower individuals to recognise the importance of mental health education and proactive crisis preparedness. Together, we can break down barriers to seeking help, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and create a safer, more supportive environment for all.

Please download a copy of our Training Offerings Brochure to read further about our Mental Wellness SOS program.

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